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With an envied tradition as a home of creativity and innovation, the Ancoats & Northern Quarter areas of Manchester attract talent from across the globe. Here, between the cobblestone streets and converted factories that separate the many independent coffee shops and bars, conversations take place between people whose paths would otherwise never have crossed. Every so often, something magical takes place as people meet and share with each other their hopes and dreams. 

The beginning of our story is like many other stories. One morning, walking through Ancoats, two friends saw blackberries growing amongst the decay of a derelict pub. The morning light captured the scene perfectly as nature looked to reclaim some land in the neighbourhood that had given birth to the Industrial Revolution. The scene captured the rebirth of Ancoats perfectly, and the idea for Ancoats Gin was born in that moment.

We do not use any concentrates, artificial colours, flavours or infusions in producing Ancoats Gin. Hand-crafted from carefully selected botanicals, all the flavour comes from the organic material and the distilling process. 

Those who know Ancoats, know that it is no longer an area of forgotten mills and abandoned factories. It is home to a new generation of people, who whilst drawn by the history and heritage of the area, also have dreams of their own and a desire to also leave their mark. Honouring Manchester's industrial heart, our gin pays tribute to both the history and the people of the past, and those that now call Ancoats home.

All stories have a beginning. This is ours.

Ancoats Gin can be purchased through our online store or in person at various events in and around Manchester.  

Contact us for details of all forthcoming events, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Retail and licence trade enquiries are welcome.

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