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The Ancoats Distillery Limited

Ancoats Honey Rum 5cl Miniature

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Ancoats Honey Rum has a white rum base for the delicious organic honey that combines to make a sweet and luxurious drink.  Presented in a 50ml stoneware bottle, this 40% vol rum looks every bit as gorgeous as the liquid within.  

The label features specially commissioned artwork by renowned Mancunian street-artist Qubek (aka Russ Meehan).  Depicting worker bees, cotton plants and chains, the label reflects on the sacrifice made by Manchester's mill workers in support of Abraham Lincoln, at great personal sacrifice. Taking a stand by refusing to work with raw cotton picked by American slaves, they effectively condemned their families to a prolonged period of poverty.  At a noisy meeting at the Manchester Free Trade Hall in 1862 the workers, in true Mancunian spirit and in a historic show of solidarity against slavery, agreed to keep supporting Lincoln's embargo despite their personal loss.

Honouring the legacy of Manchester’s industrial heart, Ancoats Honey Rum provides an instantly recognisable taste that celebrates the rebirth of our historic neighbourhood.

40% abv